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East of Equinox Farm is dedicated to the preservation of the traditional Morgan Horse.


he Morgan horse is a breed steeped with tradition - its history intertwined with the history of a young America

The Morgan tradition started when a man named Justin Morgan brought a young stallion to Vermont in the late 1700’s.

This sturdy young stallion named Figure, quickly gained a reputation as being able to outpull, outtrot, outrun and basically outperform all the other horses of his time, regardless of their size or pedigree. It was soon realized that direct descendents of Figure, who was referred to as the “Morgan” horse, all seemed to inherit his sturdy compact build, heart and stamina, and versatility. Morgan horses quickly became highly sought after individuals because of their inherent ability to do anything and do it well. It is well documented that Morgan blood was extensively used in the later development of American breeds such as the Saddlebred, the Standardbred, the Tennessee Walker, and the Quarter Horse. The Morgan was the world champion trotting racer at the turn of the 19th century, and the Morgan was also the only breed propagated by the U.S. Government for Cavalry mounts.

As a matter of fact, during the civil war, the Vermont Cavalry was exclusively mounted on Morgans, and they were considered to be the best Cavalry mounts in either army. It is his beauty, intelligence, soundness, longevity, and versatility that separates the Morgan horse from other horse breeds. And it is the dedication to the preservation of these qualities that separates East of Equinox Farm from other horse farms.

The East of Equinox Farm story began in 1958 when Orrin Beattie, recalling his childhood with Morgans on a Manchester farm, began to assemble what he felt were the best Morgan mares available in the country. Mr. Beattie recognized the potential of the Morgan breed in a growing equine industry at that time. He also knew from his farm upbringing, that a sound breeding program begins with the mares. Mr. Beattie, along with his wife Phyllis, then began the long process of building a breeding program. This breeding operation is now carried on by their son, Ivan, and his family. Quality has always been the goal, and no positive trait has been compromised or sacrificed in the breeding progression.

Uniformity is the result, and Equinox Morgans are widely recognized as having their own identity within the breed. Equinox mares are highly sought by Morgan breeders for their genetic strength, and the East of Equinox Farm stallions are well documented as being among the best in the world.

The result of all this careful breeding is a group of Morgan horses with a record of almost unparalleled success in a broad spectrum of equine disciplines. Well over 400 Equinox prefixed Morgans have been dispersed to all corners of the USA as well as Canada, England, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Australia. Equinox stallions were among the first to stand at stud in Europe via frozen semen, and Courage of Equinox produced the very first foal conceived by frozen semen in England. The Swedish Champion Morgan stallion was an Equinox Reflection son, conceived by frozen semen. The past two Australian Champion Mares have been Equinox prefixed mares. Equinox Morgans have won countless World, National, Regional, and Local Championships in virtually every discipline of equine competition. Courage of Equinox is officially the breed's most prolific sire, having produced more registered offspring than any other stallion in the history of the breed.

From the show ring to the sports arena, from the carriage competition to the trail, from the breeding shed to the family back yard, Equinox Morgans are there, willingly giving their all to please their owners, and to prove a point - that the traditional Morgan is still the best, most versatile breed of horse in the world today.

So if you are considering a horse - consider a Morgan horse. And if you are considering purchasing or breeding a Morgan horse, consider East of Equinox Farm - a farm as steeped in tradition as the Morgan breed itself.


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